Friday, 27 September 2019

Happy birthday Julia

This is a presentation  of a Happy Birthday to Julia for being Le'shar's friend/cousin since le'shar and julia were born. And me and Julia's time for being friends for 3 or 4 years.

Something in the water

Hi my name is Phoenix and this is my animation for term 3 something in the water,this term we been learning about the rocky shore. As you can see this is my sea creature which is a starfish. My starfish is eating a snail and an injured fish. But starfish can eat many creatures in the sea. The fish is swimming away because it doesn't want to be eaten. When the starfish ate the injured fish a shark came and ate the starfish. Because the shark is a predator of the starfish. The end thanks for watching.

Thursday, 26 September 2019


  This is about my Pohutukawa. watch the video and it will tell you about pohutukawa. When you are finished watching the video go to the next page and see how i rate my self. please leave a comment on my blog thank you.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Duffy book

Today our class room 8 got a Duffy book, we had to read a few chapters before we can write. When you go through this presentation , this presentation will tell you  about my book. have a look at this presentation. Hope u leave a comment on my blog

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

spring forest writing

Spring Creative Writing 
Task: Using the above picture imagine that you are there think about all of your senses with your writing. 

Where are you?
In the forest with lots of my Friends
What can you see?
Some sticks, Trees, Branchers, Grass,
What can you hear?
the wind blowing and the grass moving 
What can you taste?
the Grass, the wind, and bugs when i run
What can you smell?
Air, and other things,
What can you feel?
The smooth grass moving on my legs.
Who are you with?
My friends
What are you doing?
Having a pinic.


Once upon a time in the spring, me and my friends Julia, Le’shar, Cyriss, and Yolanda. We all were walking until we got to this forest. When we got there we saw Green trees, Leaves, and sticks. Yolanda said”Hey Julia, Phoenix, Cyriss, and Le’shar wanna have a picnic” And they all said Yes please i’m hungry. So Yolanda pulled out the sandwitchs and in the sandwitches were Ham and cheese. For drink they had Juice. Once they had finished they went around to have another look around the forest.

    THE         END

Monday, 26 August 2019

The rocky shore Zones

This is my food web let me tell you somethings about this, there is a Low Zone, Mid Zone, High Zone, and Splash Zone.

Splash Zone, the creature in Splash Zone is Barnacles, Seagull, Fur Seal, and a sea snail.

High Zone, the creatures in High Zone is Hermit crab, cushion starfish, and Limpets.

Mid Zone, the creatures in Mid Zone is chitin, Starfish, and a crab.

Low Zone, the creatures in Low Zone is Seaweed, Sea horse, sea cucumber, and Sea Fish.