Friday, 6 April 2018

The robot

Hemi hated to do the lawns so he deicide to make a robot out of an old  pair of scissor and a blender, Dad’s hair no tra a pair of stake knifes and a lazer pointer and old stringes and a old computer. So hemi decidie to make a robot out of that. Hemi stayed up all night to make the robot. So he made the robot and the robot was alive. Not alive yet tho. In the morning hemi taked the blanket off the robot he made. So he putted the robot at the back and opened the blanket. And hemi started the mower and pushed start. And the robot mowered the lawns. And hemi sitted on the chair and watched him mow the lawns. So hemi was sleeping and hemi was woken up by a yelling. And the robot was gone.

So what hemi did was he walked in his house and he asked his dad, dad do you know were my robot is and the dad said no. So hemi  said ok dad ill ask mun, What hemi did was asked his mum, mum do u know where my robot went.

To be continued.

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