Friday, 22 March 2019

Year 5 and 6 camp

Hi my name is Phoenix and this is what happend in camp,
Campn is a cool activity and you get to sleep in tents,
Who,on wendsay the 6th of march to the 8th of march
What,we did kayaking, slip and slid, cyclone ball,
When,On march
Where,At pt england school.

We sleep on the field,

Camp is to Wendsay to Friday,

My lighlight was kayaking, I liked going to the pools and concert night, and the food.

My highlight was Concert night. I liked going to the pools it was really fun and so so warm.

Mr Burt Mr Somervil, My uncle came for security, Pt england . Miss Va'afusuaga, Sivaenah and Tonga.

I learnt that on camp i was respectfull and kind to people, because it is very very importan that you go on camp.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Little red riding with a twist

Walt:Little Red Ridding with a twist

Once Upon a Time a Little Red Bear walking through the city. Once she was walking through the City and a Cheetah came along, Where are you taking those Cookies, And she said I'm taking them to my Colourful Nana Bear. So the Cheetah said oh cant you just grab some Milk for her for the  Cookies, so than Little Red Bear went to the Shop to get Milk, so the Cheetah run to the Colourful Nana, so then the Colourful Nana said who's at my door. So the Colourful Bear came to the front and said you are not Little Red Bear, so than the Colourful Nanan slamed the boor and just ran out side and asked for than Little red Bear came to the door and knocked hello Nana you home. said Little Red Riding  bear, so the Little Red Bear came in to colourful nanans room and said “wow” what kind of colour you got and what big ears you got and why do you have spots on you said Little Red Riding bear said, So the cheetah jumped out of the bed and said I'm not your grandma I'm a cheetah i eat Little Girls like you. But than colourful bear came and brang superman, and Nanan said put her down. So than the Cheetah ran far far away.Never to return

Task description: This week we been learning adout Little Red Ridding with a twist.

The End