Friday, 29 June 2018


About one thousand years before Jesus was born, kites are invented in china to lift a man off the ground they used to look down on the enemy durning war.About 900 years later he was the first person to try to fly with is wings and he jumped of a big church and he died. About 500 years ago he was a artist and he used to draw lots of designs.Around 1700 he desighs stuff like  a airship he flies it for the king portugaul. .1843, George Cayley he published his desighs for a diplane and he all so designed the 4 forces of flight . Sixty years later he was a german creator that flies the 1930 he was the first man to creator the first engon.40 years later there was a who made the first jambo .Fast-forward 40 years a man made a jetpack.the same year a man made a car into a plane.